Transnational Entrepreneurship

Transnational Entrepreneurship

Our Vision of an internationalized Start-up Ecosystem

Worldwide team

Work together with other Start-ups in a worldwide, multicultural team.

Scale faster

Improve the efficiency and scale faster than in collaboration with national start-ups

Big network

Benefit from a big network, e.g. in India or Australia

Transnational Entrepreneurship

The Concept

Since the dawn of the digital age, the number of start-up start-ups has risen internationally. Often having a digital background and a great growth potential, but have limited resources. A strategy for the internationalization of the project / solution remains for a long time merely a vision of the founders. The resources that a large company needs and is able to deploy to carry out its business internationally are not available to young start-ups. But the digital ideas of these flexible and young companies have a great potential which can be realized internationally.

One of the possible paths available for start-ups to overcome this obstacle is called „Transnational Entrepreneurship“ which is defined as two or more start-up company’s work together across country boundaries. The concept is based on the fact that business operations are transnationally more efficient and faster to scale than it is the case with national start-ups.

Currently two different approaches to Transnational Entrepreneurship are pursued within the G-Lab Team:

  • Transnational Entrepreneurship with India
  • Export of a start-up with Australia

Read more about current projects:

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